Cosmopolitan UK Cover Model: Sophie Butler

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Cosmopolitan UK kicked off 2021 with a celebration of healthy women with various body types. Included in this celebration is fitness enthusiast and virtual fitness coach Sophie Butler . Sophie lives with a seated body type and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Photo Credit: Rachel Smith for

According to Sophie’s Instagram profile, she is a strong proponent of empowerment through education and is “unapologetically disabled”. Sophie uses her fierce, bold attitude towards life to also encourage others.

The reason I felt most empowered in this photo, was because it was a night I got to unapologetically put Disability on a literal stage, in front of the media, in front of some very powerful people, and in front of other Disabled people and WIN. And I didn’t “overcome” my Disability to get there, I EMBRACED it.

sophie butler

I’m thrilled to see this cover and even more excited about this magazine issue’s editorial focus

  • There was no mention of Sophie’s disability.
  • It is not a disability-related issue.
  • It’s an issue on health, beauty, fashion, and more.

Yes, Cosmo UK, normalize seated body type cover models! Would you like to engage the disabled community? This cover is a great reminder; begin with including us. Also, please include us without publishing a press release celebrating your brand’s commitment to inclusivity.

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