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I went online today to check out Tommy Adaptive, you know to see what’s new and obviously see how the brand’s marketing practices have shifted in the era of COVID 19. I’m going to do my best to take you through my experience step by step.

  • I typed the URL
  • When I went to the site I searched for the adaptive category
  • To my surprise I didn’t find it, all I saw was this
  • At first, I didn’t know what to think, then I wondered, ‘did Tommy drop the adaptive collection?’
  • Next, I clicked the dropped down menu and this is when I was stopped in my tracks. I had to stand up, walk away from my laptop, I danced in circles and even started singing the chorus to India Arie’s “Little Things
  • Take a look at this picture and see if you can spot what made me literally burst out in song
  • Did you find it? If not no worries, I’ll break it down…
  • First At the top of the menu, there is no “adaptive tab” and when you click men, women, and children adaptive choices are included in each menu!!!!!!
  • Second, there is an Explore tab that highlights adaptive options along with an adaptive tab that encourages solution based shopping.
  • Next, did you notice ‘One World Connected’ Modern Style Made More Sustainable? Welcome to the future! This jumped out to me as the COVID 19 and beyond message.

This is what inclusivity looks like, I believe the future will also be a bit more genderless in descriptors, but for adaptive clothing to be marketed like this on for a notable global brand is culture shifting. Once again, Tommy boldly, quietly shifted culture. To learn more about why this is so groundbreaking read my post on page two. I wrote this post on the evening of September 8, 2019.

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  1. jannika says:

    Tommy seated fit jeans — what a game changer! I LOVE Tommy Adaptive!!! Thanks Stephanie, for getting out the message. Ever single person with a new disability should know about this clothing line. It’s great that getting dressed and undressed is so much easier, but even better to look in the mirror and be overjoyed rather than humiliated.

    Now — if someone can convince Tommy Adaptive that women who ride wheelchairs enjoy wearing colors other than just blue. PLEASE Tommy, don’t let me go to my grave never having worn any other color in my entire post-injury life. Pink, khaki, tangerine, faded black — anything, PLEASE!!! Even a wild print of dancing lizards, butterflies wearing stilettos, and chartreuse dandelions would break up the monotony of the blue I’ve worn every single day since Tommy Adaptive started making women’s SEATED FIT pants. I keep begging and writing the company, and I know one day Tommy Adaptive will make me as happy as the day I first discovered how good their BLUE (ugh) seated fit pants make me look. Stephanie — do you have any influence with them?

    Thanks -j

    • cur8able says:

      Hi Jannika,

      Thanks so much for stopping by the new site. First I apologize I’m still beta testing the site. It officially launches on June 9th. Yes, I’m a fan of Tommy Adaptive, I know it’s not everyone’s aesthetic, but I think it’s a great example for other brands that may be interested in adaptive options. I agree that people need to know about this which is why I’ve pivoted the site to add shopping alongside the blog.

      With regards to making suggestions, as a wheelchair user who purchases Tommy Adaptive you have more power than I do, you are a customer. Write them to share with them what you’ve shared with me. I’m sure they’d appreciate the honest feedback. If anyone from Tommy Adaptive ever asks me, I’ll share my thoughts and comments as well. Keep in mind, Tommy Adaptive is going to be consistent with Tommy’s brand aesthetic.

      Thanks for stopping by, please don’t be a stranger.

  2. Rakshith says:

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