Accessible Face Masks

Katie May Los Angeles is selling stylish non-medical reusable/washable masks priced between $19-$45 per mask. For every mask sold, Katie is donating 3 utility masks for frontline workers. They’ve set a goal to sell 20,000 masks and once that goal is met they’ll begin donating to charities like no No Kid Hungry. The adjustable strap fits around the head to keep the mask in place. 

DSPTCH face covers have 100% cotton exterior and a breathable soft muslin and an extra filter pocket to further protect you from inhaling or spreading droplets. My favorite feature is the elastic band with the removable plastic webbing for easy closure. All of the proceeds are donated to local San Francisco Bay Area nonprofits helping those in need. 

Note: All of the masks are now sold out, but they will be restocked. You can sign up for an email to be notified when the face covers are back in stock.

Akese Stylelines offers non-medical grade, color-popping masks with an option to order a matching custom head wrap or neckpiece. According to their site, the masks are 100% cotton, breathable, and washable. The cost of each mask is $25.

MEO masks were designed to protect the wearer from air pollution with the incorporation of the Helix™ and the unique shape to effectively cover the nose and mouth. If you prefer more subtle masks prints be sure to check out the Karen Walker Classics collection. This New Zeland based brand knocked it out of the park for me. In addition to the filtration, I really like the way it fastens. The cost in U.S. dollars before shipping is aproximately $54.

Andrea, thank you for your thoughtful question about accessible face masks during my appearance on Lauren “Lolo” Spencer’s Instagram live show, “The Narrative” your question inspired this post.

Do you have a specific question please send me an email and maybe your question will be my next post, Your Questions Answered post?

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  1. Thank you so much for this information on where to purchase accessible face masks. I was in need of an accessible face mask for my grandmother who has dexterity limitions. I also have dexterity and mobility limitations and I needed a mask that would stay in place and would be comfortable. As a client of yours, I know how passionate you are about adaptive and accessible fashion. I have always felt like you can be safe without compromising fashion goals. I had no doubt that you would locate the best options for face masks that were functional, yet fashionable. Thank you for all of the hard work that you do. You are truly what the future of the fashion industry needs.

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