When You Can’t Find It Redesign It

When you can’t find a tulle “puffy” skirt designed for sitting you redesign your “made for standing” tulle skirt, connect with a fabulous tailor to sew your vision and keep it moving. When my client Lauren “Lolo” Spencer told me she was invited to attend the Holly Rod Foundation Design Care Gala, I knew exactly what I wanted to pull for her, I wanted to pull tulle! This immediately conjured up images of Billy Porter’s Oscar tuxedo gown and recent blazer and tulle look by the incredible Christian Siriano, who interestingly enough was quoted in a recent Vogue Business article expressing an interest in designing for the adaptive/universal sector of the fashion industry:

“I never realized how hard it could be just zipping up a dress for so many people out there, and it would be wonderful to have new solutions and options,” he tells Vogue Business.”

Christian Siriano

The Look

What I needed to do was create a look that according to my DISABILITY FASHION STYLING SYSTEM: ACCESSIBLE, SMART, FASHIONABLE™ for Lolo’s seated body type. I started with her custom Nipsey Hussle necklace. It was important for me to tie that in since Lolo is a huge Nipsey fan. So I paired it with a blazer, bralette, and my redesigned tulle “puffy” skirt made for sitting.

untitled image

I have to pause to send a huge thanks to Rubina of Tailor Town, I mocked up the skirt, Lolo and I went in for a couple of fittings and she followed my instructions perfectly, she even added a beautiful trimmed layer of tulle that completed the look.

untitled image

Thanks Rubina, I could not have done it without you. At the moment Lolo is rocking purpleish hair color and so we made sure the shoes popped with gold and purple. The skirt has no fasteners, the jacket has one large button which Lolo is able to manage herself. I suggested Lolo rock barely there long earrings with bling to help elevate the Nipsey necklace and stay in the spirit of the gala.

untitled image

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