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I'm Stephanie. Disability Fashion Stylist. Speaker. Hamilton Musical Superfan. Social Entrepreneur. Author. Reader. + Los Angeles.

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We See you Shifting Culture Tommy.com

I went online today to check out Tommy Adaptive, you know to see what’s new and obviously see how the brand’s marketing practices have shifted in the era of COVID 19. I’m going to do my best to take you…

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Adaptive Fashion and the New Normal

2019 was a pivotal year for the adaptive sector of the fashion industry. I know, I’ve followed fashion and clothing trends for the disabled for over two decades. Last year the pace at which I received interview requests to discuss…

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Zappos Adaptive

Dressing with disabilities can be challenging. From body stiffness to painful flair-ups, headaches, skin sensitivity, dexterity challenges, mobility challenges, design limitations and so much more. This is why I adore Zappos Adaptive (ZA) it’s a one-stop-shop for healthwear, footwear, and…

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